Garrett Pierce

Garrett Pierce pens songs that are literary in style with well-worked lyrics
and a voice that soars over dark, ethereal melodies.

“The artist’s ability to connect with his audience – to introduce us to feelings we didn’t know we could feel – is truly superb, an indicator of Garrett Pierce’s talent as a writer. – Atwood Magazine

Championing storytelling with a clean, methodical acoustic presentation, the intentionality in each inflection carries the weight of the sadness and reflection. 4/5. – Impose

On Dusk, his dramatic lyrics are influenced by literature greats such John Steinbeck and Hemingway while his calming voice soars over effortless musicianship with dark, ethereal melodies.
– That Music Magazine

Dusk is full of folksy acoustic guitar strumming, reflective lyrics and high harmonies.
– The Sacramento Bee

He began writing for magazines and playing in rock bands as a teen in
Los Angeles before permanently relocating to the Bay Area in the early 2000’s.
His first full-length album ‘Like A Moth’ was a stripped down acoustic affair
with guest appearances by notable songwriters Jolie Holland and Matt Bauer.
Garrett then traveled and toured Europe where he was honored to support
Nick Cave in Greece. With a pocketful of songs, he returned to make
‘All Masks’ (Crossbill Records) – a lush album recorded in the gold rush
town of Columbia, CA featuring strings, wind instruments and a cast of
over ten musicians.

Garrett’s 2012 record ‘City of Sand’ (Narnack Records) was largely biographical,
commenting on his dizzying relationship with the city and growing desire to leave
for more natural settings. During this period, Garrett began splitting his time
between Sonoma County and San Francisco – playing clubs throughout the bay area at
night and working in the wine industry during the day.

Garrett has completed his fourth record titled ‘Dusk’ which will be released
on April 14, 2017 in partnership with Crossbill Records.

Other than continuing to be a voracious reader of classic American authors
like Richard Brautigan, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and Henry Miller,
he is an avid mushroom forager, and when he’s not in the studio you might find
him somewhere in the redwoods of the Sonoma Coast walking through the damp earth.
For fans of Will Oldham, Iron & Wine, Jeff Buckley, and Elliot Smith.

“Ranging from raving pop to solemn folk, from Shins-like exuberance to
Mark Kozalek’s charismatic sadness” – East Bay Express

“Filled with the sort of oblique yet emotionally satisfying wordplay that is reminiscent
of a Murakami novel” – Santa Cruz Metro