Garrett Pierce NW Tour Recap

Garrett Pierce reports on his recent tour up north…I saw the first snow fall in Olympia.  I saw the whole great state of Oregon shut down for the College Football Civil War (Ducks vs. Beavers for Rose Bowl Honors…Ducks win).  I saw the inside of a small art gallery taken up by a grand piano.  These are some of the memories I recall of my brief tour through the northwest.  This was my forth time playing shows up there and I’ve often found myself caught in the knee-shaking, colder months.  I dread it, but never forget it. 

I had the honor of starting the tour off at my favorite Portland venue, The Woods, run by my comrade Ritchie of Loch Lomond.  This old funeral-parlor-cum-venue is so exquisite and comfortable despite the many ghosts that have wandered through there.  I opened for Portland’s own Weinland, who blew me away as usual.  Those guys represent everything musical and friendly that make PDX my favorite West Coast City. 

Next show was in Seattle where I played with Johanna Kunin.  What a pleasure it was to hear her on a grand piano…she reminds me of Regina Spektor if she abandoned all her newest pop foibles and returned to a more pristine and truer sound.  Then off to Olympia, where I shared a five band bill of tremendous songwriters and a pre-show soup cook-off that evoked the Olympian D.I.Y nature that we have all come to know and love.  And that was that…just three shows and one more night of libations with my buddy Dan Glendenning (an amazing artist and poet that y’all should all discover). 

For this trip I took a plane, car, train and taxi to get around – the benefit of traveling light.  But I couldn’t have done it without the help of all my friends up there…you know who you are.  Thank you.  And thank you to Michael Leahy for previously transporting me through the NW, and for inspiring me to write this passage.  I love this music thing. 

-Garrett Pierce

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