Garrett Pierce

Garrett Pierce pens songs that peek into that same dark, yet optimistic place that Henry Miller and Leonard Cohen tapped into. His voice seems to soar alongside acoustic ballads or dirgey rock songs with the emotional confidence of someone who has found his path after years of yearning.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Garrett spent the last decade in San Francisco and Davis, CA where he delivered two full-length albums on Crossbill Records. The first, Like A Moth, was from stripped down sessions in basements, closets and the occasional studio. His stark compositions were helped by guest appearances by friends’ Jolie Holland and Matt Bauer. His second record, All Masks, was Garrett’s epic. Accompanied by strings and over ten musicians, All Masks showed his talents as both a composer and lyricist. With people like Timothy James Wright (Drums/Guitars) Jake Mann (Bass) and Jen Grady (cello) he was able to play shows with that mirrored the fullness of the recording.

There is no doubt that Garrett is special among the newer generation of songwriters. His dedication toward his craft and his confessional and honest storytelling, makes him among the great young talents in the Bay Area right now. And if he is just hitting his stride with All Masks, then there is no telling where this might go.