Matt Bauer and The Loom on Daytrotter!

Up until this week Crossbill Records hasn’t had the fortune of any of our bands recording a Daytrotter Session, but now we’ve had the tremendous opportunity for two sessions go live from the well respected Rock Island, IL outfit. So go please give the Matt Bauer and The Loom Daytrotter sessions a listen and share them with your music loving pals.

“Bauer, as a writer, focuses on those moments that fail to cease. They continue on and they make you worry about them for longer than you’d admit. You want to hear more about them. You’d like the other pieces, for their sparseness and their dances in the gloaming light is enchanting.” Listen to the Matt Bauer session over at Daytrotter.

“This band (The Loom), like it or not, makes us actually pain for and about the things that we try to brush off as the small stuff that’s no big deal, that we choose to classify as insignificant.” Take a listen for yourself over on Daytrotter.

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