Matt Bauer’s “Dream’s End” Out Now, Live On WFMU, Reviews


You can purchase Matt Bauer’s latest release on Vinyl, CD and MP3 HERE.

Matt Bauer played a live set on legendary WFMU on Irene Trudel’s wonderful program. You can listen to the archive HERE

There’s been some wonderful reviews of the record and wanted to share some excerpts from a couple that stand out.

“Matt Bauer’s Dream’s End (Crossbill Records) arrives just in time to echo and contest the dying leaves and sense of promise in the autumn air. Throughout the album, the listener is confronted with sketches of someone trying to trust the sensory input they receive and the way their brain processes it. It tells these stories through a voice so closely mic’ed that every crevice and shift feels separate and abstracted but also vital to the narrative. There’s a heavy assertion of rhythm, with dry lightning snares, handclaps, and an insistent piano, but simultaneously, it uses the repetition to create a sense of hanging in air.”

Timber and Steel names “Dream’s End” in their top records of 2015.

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