Glowing European Reviews and Press Continue To Roll In For Sea of Bees

This is a collection of recent Sea of Bees press, interviews and live footage from Europe. She has been on an extensive tour throughout the United Kingdom for the last month. Congrats Jules, we could not be more proud and it’s so well deserved. Here are the highlights!

Sea of Bees Interview On Crane TV

Sea of Bees – The Woods from Tuckshop Community on Vimeo.

Sea Of Bees – Sea Of Bees ‘Skinnybone’ on FlyTv In the Courtyard

GUARDIAN UK REVIEW “Singing so close to the microphone that she scrapes it with her nose, her vocals are simultaneously childlike and aged, intimate and astonishing.”

PLANET NOTION INTERVIEW “Fresh from the release of her debut LP ‘Songs For The Ravens’, Sea Of Bees (a.k.a. Sacramento songsmith Julie Ann Baenziger) is tugging on the heartstrings of folk fans all over with her heartfelt lyrics, powerful harmonies and impressive sense of melody. Luckily, this week Planet Notion got the chance to talk to the singer about the recent album and her upcoming tour.”

BBC MUSIC REVIEW “Julie Ann Baenziger is a Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist whose accomplished debut album is washed over in atmospheric weird folk, with the songs being a vehicle for creating landscapes of withdrawn emotion that recall Midlake’s The Trials of Van Occupanther.

Q THE MUSIC “Self-described as freak-folk, the Scaramento native mixes woozy vocals with guitar, that in the case of The Woods possesses a sound, on-the-surface not too dissimilar to Joanna Newsom with raised-pitch, skewing vocals adding a naive or slightly child-like quality.”

“Baenziger’s loveably geeky persona suits her music down to the ground. Songs for the Ravens has been in the making since she first picked up a battered, one-stringed guitar as a 16-year-old. A charming combination of Cathy Davey-style quirkiness, Jenny Lewis’s pop melodiousness and Micachu’s DIY ethos, tunes such as Skinnybone and Fyre fizz and crackle with an understated vibrance.”

THIS MUSIC WINS SHOW REVIEW “She stays tight to the microphone at all times, with body language so rigid and intense it seems strange to imagine such a fragile vocal and huge emotional scope being so effectively communicated. Baenziger’s performance suggests something about her weathered but at the same time naive, youthful but equally suggestive that there is something more to the colourful chord changes and reserved vocal harmonies than merely beautiful arrangements and whispery acoustics.”

THE QUIETUS “The lyrics are poignant and well plotted, but as attractive as they may be, are overshadowed by the most striking element of this record – the delicate, childlike tone of Baenziger’s voice. From the opening wail of ‘Gnomes’ through to the lilting sighs of closing track ‘Blind’, her voice is captivating – fragile and young. Accompanying these sumptuous vocals which are at times reminiscent of recent Joanna Newsom creations, Baenziger has meticulously woven together guitar lines, cellos, marimbas, piano and vocal tracks to create an environment suitable for the tales she has to tell.”

THIS IS FAKE DIY.COM INTERVIEW “You recorded all the songs in one or two takes, is that right?”
“Yeah, usually I just close my eyes and my friend John just hits the record button. It wasn’t stressful, it was just really easy because it was kinda therapeutic just getting it all out there.”

I-D ONLINE INTERVIEW “Her debut album ‘Songs for the Ravens’ was released yesterday as part of her musical project Sea of Bees, full of innocent tracks conceived during hazy days sitting on her porch. Stringing together emotions and chords, the wide-eyed artist pleads her lyrics, gently stroking her guitar and allowing her vulnerability to be exposed.”

THE 405 “The first release from Sea of Bees, the perfectly titled Bee Eee Pee EP, was something that seemed hard to beat. It set an incredibly high benchmark with its lovingly crafted brand of lo-fi indie folk, full of raw emotion and pure talent. Yet it would seem that Julia Baenziger has surpassed herself with her first full length release.”

STEREOBOARD.COM “Finally bringing her first long-player over to British shores, the Californian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist introduces us to a strangely unique blend of haunting country music, pleasant-sounding folk and electronic psychedelia, all centred around Julie’s gentle but imposing voice.”

“If 2011 doesn’t belong to Sea of Bees, something will have gone very wrong indeed.”

SPOONFED INTERVIEW “Discovered in a café playing one fingered bass in a band, Baenziger then started recording herself singing in the back room at the behest of the owner.”


Verkade­fab­riek: S.Carey (Bon Iver) – SEA OF BEES – Sleep Party People – Nils Frahm. Also play­ing: The War On Drugs, Suuns Fab­riQ Fest­ival – VERKADEFABRIEK

03.01.11 BRUSSELS, BE
Headline Witloofbar

03.02.11 PARIS, FR
Co headline with Mona La Fleche D’or

03.03.11 TOULOUSE, FR
Headline Le Dynamo

03.06.11 MARSEILLE, FR
Headline La Meson

03.22.11 GATESHEAD, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant

03.23.11 EDINBURGH, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant
Liquid Rooms

Main Sup­port to John Grant
Royal North­ern Col­lege of Music

03.25.11 LEEDS, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant
Holy Trinity

03.27.11 LONDON, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant
Shep­herds Bush Empire

03.28.11 BRISTOL, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant
St Georges

03.29.11 EXETER, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant

03.30.11 BRIGHTON, UK
Main Sup­port to John Grant

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