Appetite signs with Crossbill Records and drops Seal and Johnny Cash covers

Look for the new Appetite record “Scattered Smothered Covered” to be released on Crossbill on August 16th. We can not wait for the masses to hear this and more importantly SEE Appetite live. It’s an awesome experience.

Here are a couple covers to whet the…you know before the record is out.

What started as a friendly competition amongst friends to come up with the best cover of Seal’s 90’s radio staple “Kiss From a Rose” turned into an early sign that Teddy Briggs’ new solo recording project called then Chief Briggum and now Appetite was going to be special. Teddy calls it “Heidi’s Mine”. Watch yo self Seal. Don’t slip! Give it a listen.

Heidi’s Mine (KFAR) by Appetite

Most recently Teddy messed around and turned out this beauty. A very fresh take on an old classic, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. It received the full Appetite treatment and has been dubbed “Fiery Ring”.

Fiery ring by Appetite

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