Brass Bed with Allison Bohl “On Nilsson” EP available now + Recent Press

The “On Nilsson” EP is available at all digital music outlets now including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic.

You can also purchase a limited edition screen print of the album art over at the Brass Bed Bandcamp for only $15 that comes with a download of the record.

Recent Press:

“We watched a fascinating documentary about Harry Nilsson recently — as a result, we’re all for anything Nilsson-related at the moment, and thus were delighted to stumble across a cover of his song “One” at My Old Kentucky Blog. It’s by Louisiana band Brass Bed, with filmmaker Allison Bohl on guest vocals.” -Flavorpill

“Brass Bed and long-time collaborator Allison Bohl, decided to record their take on Harry’s classics that now taken the form of a four-song EP featuring, in addition to One, He Needs Me, He’s Large, and Don’t Forget Me. Brass Bed’s version utilizes the piano that is all-so familiar in the original, but layers it over lush atmospheric distortion that takes it to an even darker place than Nilsson’s version.” -My Old Kentucky Blog 3.12.12

“On Nilsson celebrates the work of the Grammy award winning artist with an interesting twist. Revitalised by a splash of pop, the vocals of Bohl and Brass Bed front man Christiaan Mader add a sense of urgency to the record, mixed with a jagged feeling of paranoia. It’s a cleverly done piece of work that doesn’t fail to honour the American singer-songwriter.” -Drunken Werewolf 3.6.12

“Brass Bed and their adorable friend Allison Bohl dug up a blush-worthy gem written by Harry Nilsson originally written for the soundtrack to the film Popeye. A director by trade, Bohl can add fine-impersonator to her credentials as she masterfully embodies the Olive Oyl character on “He’s Large”.” – Impose Magazine 3.1.12

“Check out Brass Bed’s collaboration with Allison Bohl on this cover of “He’s Large.” If you know anything about life, and good things, you’ll remember that this song was featured in the movie Popeye. Not gonna lie, I had that soundtrack on vinyl and would sing this song at the top of my lungs until I exhausted myself and/or became distracted by other things.” – Vice Magazine 2.24.12

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