“North Dakota Impressions” Record Release Day


You can now purchase the “North Dakota Impressions” on classic black vinyl, CD and digital mp3 HERE.

“…Brosseau sees the world as a complicated place. One that’s surrounded by darkness but ultimately overwhelmed by love.” NPR

“Brosseau’s friendly, plaintive tenor is front and center while he shares songs that serve as a revelation: We are all North Dakotans.” Washington Post

“Brosseau’s voice and tender way with words remains at the forefront of everything his gentle spirit touches, and it’s true to say that the new record finds him in finer voice that perhaps ever before.” Gold Flake Paint

“Singer/songwriter Tom Brosseau moves through the world and comes to his art at a pace and a pitch unlike most others.” Folk Alley

“If North Dakota hasn’t already adopted a signature sound, Brosseau is quietly and diligently making an airtight case for his gorgeous tenor.” World Cafe

“…Brosseau has a unique ability to communicate the beauty and sadness of the world with succinct poetic lines and his beautiful lullaby voice.” Buzzbands LA

“Continuing the level of lyrical insight and expert musicianship established in earlier releases, North Dakota Impressions closes out the trilogy with set of songs that deliver Brosseau’s usual themes of certain uncertainty, melancholic reflection and internal strength in light of external challenges.” Artist Direct

Photo by Ben Guzman

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