The Loom Debuts New Single “In Your Doldrums” And Play Last Shows of 2011 with BOBBY

The Loom — 2011 Tour Dates
12.03.11 – Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge*
12.06.11 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott Boston*
12.07.11 – Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse*
* – w/ BOBBY

Brooklyn Vegan premiered the 2nd single, “In Your Doldrums” from “Teeth” today!

The Loom Featured on ‘World Cafe: Next’!

“It’s easy to see why the Loom’s sets are generating a significant amount of buzz. Their specific sound is as unique as is their approach to creating that sound. If anyone likes an underlying feel of folk and bluegrass with an understated rock sound, the Loom is a band to keep an eye on.”
-The Washington Times

“Their brand of Americana, a healthy heaping of folk smattered with horns and male/female dual vocals, refreshingly cuts loose at times with hot, fuzzy guitar solos. A song like “The Middle Distance” barrels forward with crashing drumbeats, swirling brass, and frenetic vocals and gives way to guitarist John Fanning’s blissfully overdriven leads. Fanning’s voice sounds a bit like Bill Callahan on record, and his sing-speaking vocal style may remind you of that artist’s Smog days, while vocalist Sydney Price threads in the female harmonies. The five-piece’s musical gifts are best played to when they seem to let the music overflow the boundaries of the song; “A Song of Faint Praise” and “The Curtain Calls” each swell to grandiose proportions once the horns pull out all the stops.”
-Consequence Of Sound

“I’ve wanted to extol the virtues of this here record to y’all for quite some time now, and it makes me so very happy to finally, finally, finally be doing so. The Loom, a live favorite of mine and recipient of their very own honorary day here at Fuzzy Logic, can also make some magic happen on record. This album of theirs that finally gets to see the light, Teeth, is twangily triumphant, roughly-hewn and resplendent, and just plain ole excellent.”
– Fuzzy Logic

The Loom make stuffed acorn squash and debut new song “The Devil You Know” over at Brooklyn Based Blog:
“The battle of emotional chaos versus calmness and comfort is also what drives the Loom’s BB Songs track, “The Devil You Know,” a song that didn’t quite fit on Teeth. Fanning spent several years in New York, but now lives upstate in Beacon with his wife (the rest of the band lives in Brooklyn). The song was inspired by “finding fulfillment in new ways that maybe [my] younger self wouldn’t have,” he says, and not feeling sad about leaving his chaotic city chapter behind. “Even though I was in New York for almost a decade, I always felt drawn to places that were more peaceful, and I’d take a lot of opportunities to escape the city when I could.” Ultimately, he wants the Loom’s music to show that it’s possible to find light–even in the darkest times, even if it seems impossible. “There’s a lot of joy to be experienced,” he says, “but it can be hard to get to it.”

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