Tom Brosseau Releases Single: Cradle Your Device / Tell Me, Lord


Tom Brosseau’s “Cradle Your Device” the lead single from ‘Grass Punks’ and the B side, an unreleased live track “Tell Me, Lord” are now available through all digital music outlets. “Tell Me, Lord” captures Tom delivering a soul stirring live performance of this gorgeous, contemplative tune that is available for the first time. The song was recorded by Miss Nicole Andrews at the community venue The Sanctuary in Santa Monica, on March 8th 2013.


Tom on “Cradle Your Device”:
Humans have always been confronted with the act of embracing a new technology. Whether wholeheartedly, with hope and excitement, fearfully, or we’ve plumb dragged our feet, we’ve gotten there just the same. “Cradle Your Device” is a way of putting a title on what we’ve had do through the ages in order to survive. It is also a social commentary on what happens when a tool is taken too closely into our bosom.

A real songwriter is an individual concerned. He or she is as aware of what’s happening around, what’s going on inside; he or she is a dreamer, a futurist; when it comes to his or her craft there is structure to make a report. The work may rest in composing something that will last, yet at the same time make a splash. Having been raised on the Great American Songbook, I am rooted in the ideals of the songwriters of yesteryear: relatable lyrics in three minutes time or less.

I don’t think of ideas, I search for them. There’s motion. I know the more my body is stressed the more endorphins are released. This creates a natural high. When my mind is clear I can focus and stay focused longer on my thoughts, problems and the future. There’s humanity. I like to people-watch. I enjoy spotting color patterns, trends; watching interactions, hearing laughs. My inspection, then, switches to the problems of others. I am fortunate to have to depend upon public transportation. There’s plenty of walking, plenty of people, and lots of opportunity for idea plucking.

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