Tom Brosseau’s “Tami” Video Directed By Chel White

Tami from Chel White on Vimeo.

This week the gorgeous video for “Tami” from Tom Brosseau’s “Grass Punks” record debuted on the Filter website. “Tami” was directed by the acclaimed Chel White who has previously worked with Thom Yorke, on numerous Gus Van Sant films and in 2012 directed his own feature film Bucksville.

“Tami” by Tom Brosseau

I like to visualize structures of my rearing. Though my grandmother Gladys, may her soul rest in peace, is dead and gone, her house on Main Street in Drayton, North Dakota I am always visiting in my mind, to walk down the hall, to gently inspect the things in the washroom cabinets, to run a hand on the nice kept bleached beds in the rooms, to sit in the kitchen and rest and have a look out the windows, and then down in the basement to do the same: the parlor, the furnace room, the pantry. There is never anyone else around, not inside, not outside. It is all my very own world.

Tami came about while I was visualizing a house on Campbell Drive, Grand Forks, North Dakota. I was familiar with the setting being over there once or twice, as the family who lived there had a kid maybe a little older than I who went to the same school, but that was long ago. They had a beautiful waxy green lawn, a long driveway, ancient cottonwood trees, and in the back a deep swimming pool.

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