Brass Bed – A Bullet For You 7″ vinyl

Brass Bed - Bullet For You

Limited run of coke bottle green vinyl + download code. Also available at all digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon.
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  • 1. A Bullet For You
  • 2. Every Time You Make Me
  • 3. Please Don’t Go [Jim Dickinson’s Fever Dream]

“The band’s late-2010 album, Melt White, showed a knack for catchy, guitar-driven, vaguely twangy psych-pop that showed a clear affinity for the Elephant 6 collective — just try and get “Bums on the Radio” out of your radio-filled ears — and they’ve since tackled a Harry Nilsson covers EP as well as a set of mutual covers with fellow Louisiana group Feufollet. “A Bullet for You,” the title track from Brass Bed’s new three-song 7″, is their best yet: a smoke-wreathed piece of pleading, romantic rock that explodes into a gnashing guitar solo redolent of post-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco. “I’ve been thinking I could quit this,” Christiaan Mader begins, his voice pinched and expressive. Despite the self-destructive conclusion, quitting clearly isn’t in the cards anytime soon: Brass Bed’s next album, The Secret Will Keep You is due out in 2013, and their new song shows they’d already do anything for you — yes, Meatloaf, even that.” -Spin

“Brass Bed has been slowly building up attention and critical praise over the past four years, releasing two full lengths and appearing prime for a breakthrough. With a much-anticipated third record on the way in early 2013, the band has decided to tide fans over with a three-song EP release, A Bullet For You. With a relaxed opening of reverb-drenched guitar, pleading vocals, and a hooky chorus, the title track slowly rises until finally breaking into an all out release, each instrument trying to outdo the other in emotional intensity. In the end though, it all comes back to Christiaan Mader’s earnest coda, “I’d rather take a bullet for you.” The album maintains its strong beginning with “Every Time You Make Me” and “Please Don’t Go,” emotive tracks that beg to be listened to again and again.” -Paste

“Lafayette, La.-based quartet Brass Bed might have fans going stir-crazy until a follow-up to 2010?s “Melt White” is released, and with good reason. Their forthcoming album “The Secret Will Keep You” won’t be out until 2013. And their new 7-inch single “A Bullet For You” only stokes the fires of anticipation. Due out Sept. 18 on Crossbill Records, the single starts as a slow-burning ode, with reverb echoing into all the empty spaces that are lovingly glazed with front man Christiaan Mader’s serene vocals. But this is no ordinary, sentimental ballad; a tint of blues are amplified until rhythmic pandemonium roars by way of a magnificent guitar solo — causing one to forget the start of the song was gentle at all. And that’s the beauty of Brass Bed. Equally moving B-side tunes “Every Time You Make Me” and “Please Don’t Go” make this 7-inch a compelling release in itself. One is only left to expect wild things from the next record.” -LA Record

“We sure do love Brass Bed. Remember when we premiered their take on “He’s Large” not too long ago? Well now we’re rolling out the warm feelings all over again with this premiere of “Everytime You Make Me” off of their A Bullet for You seven-inch.” -VICE

EP Bio:
Brass Bed have already proven themselves adept at stretching the already pliable boundaries of pop music through their two full-length albums (2008’s Midnight Matinee and 2010’s Melt White) and brilliant interpretations of the work of pop genius Harry Nilsson and progressive Cajun provocateurs Feufollet. But the release of A Bullet For You, a 7″ featuring three sharp new songs shows the quartet’s songwriting abilities only getting stronger.

The centerpiece is the title track “A Bullet For You”, a slow burning reverb-heavy missive that swells gently with ghostly background noise and a heartfelt performance from front man Christiaan Mader. It bends easily into more driving territory, nearly blistering stereo speakers from the rhythmic chaos that supports the anxious howling of the song’s centerpiece guitar solo. “Bullet” is backed by a pair of equally sturdy b-sides that find the boys getting further lost in romantic headspace. They plead for care, caution, and delicacy with a lover’s spirit on “Every Time You Make Me”, and beg to be delivered from alienation and fear on “Please Don’t Go”.

This new 7″ will hopefully settle the appetite that has been growing as Brass Bed fans await the release of the band’s next album The Secret Will Keep You in 2013. Three songs may not seem like enough to quell music-hungry consumers around the world, but these are emotion-rich pop tunes that continue to satisfy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself returning to dig in again and again.