Jason Lytle / Sea of Bees – Won’t Be Long / Get Up And Go

Jason Lytle / Sea of Bees

  • 1. Won’t Be Long (Jason Lytle)
  • 2. Get Up And Go (Sea of Bees)

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Jason Lytle and Sea of Bees took turns covering one another’s songs for a limited 7″ release – Out November 23rd, 2012 on Crossbill and Off The Air Records!

When we had finished the first Sea of Bees album, Songs for the Ravens, and were trying to get people to listen to it, Jason Lytle was one of the first artists to champion Jules and the album, and that really helped open a few doors and garner the record some listeners. A year or so later, Jason emailed me asking for the lyrics to “Won’t Be Long” as he was considering covering the track.

Another year or so went by and we got a call from someone involved in the Twilight soundtrack who really liked the track as well, but Twilight only uses unreleased songs. “Well, our friend Jason Lytle has a version of that song that’s never been released, do you want to hear that?” Send it over they said. So I emailed Jason, but he was just getting ready to go in the studio to mix his new album, Department of Dissapearance. “It’s close,” he said, “but it needs to be buttoned up and mixed. Let me give it a quick listen and I’ll send over the files.” So we get the track and it’s amazing. It didn’t have any bass, so Jules added a bass part and did the harmony part that Andy Cabic (Vetiver) did on the original version. I dug the flipping of the male/female vocal parts. We mixed it and sent it off.

Months go by again, and no word from the vampire posse. We’re getting antsy, because we really like the track and well, let’s face it, those movies are fucking goofy. Wouldn’t it be cool to do a split 7″ and have Sea of Bees cover one of Jason’s songs? Team Lytle is into it. We get an advance of the new album which is great. Best yet from Jason IMO. There were several songs that would have been fun to cover, but “Get Up and Go” won out because it’s just so damm catchy. You’ll see. When Jason was passing through town, he stopped by and added a vocal at the end of the track and we shot the cover photo at the swingset across the street from the studio. Andrew McGranahan did the photo collage. To bring it full circle, the album is a joint release between Crossbill Records who put out the first Sea of Bees album and Off the Air Recordings which is based in Modesto, CA, hometown to Grandaddy. Vampires lose, you win. Give it a spin.
-John Baccigaluppi, The Hangar Studios / 7″ Producer

“I fell in love with this song a few years ago. I really think Jules captured a real special feel with her recording of it. I just wanted to see if my own version of it could come anywhere near hers in capturing that same sort of feel. Of course it’s naturally different, but it was a joy trying.”
-Jason Lytle on “Won’t Be Long”

“The first time I heard this song, I felt fitted with it. I related to it at this time of my life, the song was like a sweet reminder. There aren’t many songs like this one, it’s a simple message, a not easy to do message. I enjoyed the time spent with it. It really was an honor to give this song a go!”
-Jules Bees on “Get Up and Go”

“According to legend, once in each millennium, the Music Gods come together and, after much debate, agree to bestow a single magical gift upon the world — a song or album or project so breathtaking, it leaves throngs of people weeping in the streets at its splendor and forever changes the way we hear music. That time is now, as Jason Lytle and Sea of Bees have opted to cover each other’s songs.” –Robin Hillton-NPR