The Loom – Teeth

The Loom - Teeth

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  • 1. With Legs
  • 2. The Middle Distance
  • 3. Helen
  • 4. A Song Of Faint Praise
  • 5. For All My Friends In Spring, For All My Friends In Fall
  • 6. In Your Doldrums
  • 7. The Curtain Calls
  • 8. The First Freeze
  • 9. For the Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March
  • 10. Give Up The Ghost

“With large sounds created by everything from crashing cymbals to french horns and trumpets, The Loom brings a unique vibe. Teeth will captivate you with loud and driving sounds one track, and somber and tranquil the next.”
-The Vinyl District

“The Loom have rediscovered fire and are leaving the light on as an invitation to those in search of a better tomorrow. Lead singer John Fanning’s lyrics are a firebrand manifesto delivered like Paul Revere’s storied Midnight Ride as he sings “for the hooves that gallop / and the heels that march / there will be lights burning / as there will be lights out.”
-Impose Magazine