Tom Brosseau – Today Is A Bright New Day


Available now at the Crossbill Bandcamp and all other digital outlets
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  • 1. Today Is A Bright New Day
  • 2. Running From Zombies
  • 3. When the Saints Go Marching In (live at the Ghost Mansion)

“Today Is A Bright New Day” is the second single, and incidentally the final song to have been recorded for album Grass Punks. American filmmaker Andrew van Baal shot and produced the accompanying music video, which features KCRW DJ Valida Carroll and Tom Brosseau in various neighborhoods of Los Angeles. It is a song about love and loss.

Unreleased Grass Punks track, “Running From Zombies”, prominently features a classical guitar, which for effect was wired into a revolving speaker. It highlights the versatile musicality of producer Sean Watkins. Only available in the US here, as part of this special three song digital EP.

“When The Saints Go Marching In” is a traditional Gospel song, written by Luther G. Presley and Virgil Oliver, based on the final chapter of the New Testament, Revelations. Recorded live, Fat Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, from the apartment of Mike Chopko and his house concert series, Ghost Mansion, Potrero Flats, San Francisco. Mike served up a hearty batch of red beans and rice for all that attended and the concert goers were kind enough to sing along.