Silver Darling – Your Ghost Fits My Skin

Silver Darling - Your Ghost Fits My Skin

  • 1. Living For Breath
  • 2. Leave My Body Like A Stone
  • 3. Holy Oak, Muddy Banks
  • 4. Roof and the Seed
  • 5. Interlude 1
  • 6. Death Has No Victory
  • 7. Death You Have To Believe In
  • 8. Rosewood Country Face
  • 9. My Hidden Wife
  • 10. Mournful Love
  • 11. Interlude 2
  • 12. Hangng Rest
  • 13. Interlude 3
  • 14. Your Ghost Fits My Skin
  • 15. Interlude 4


“…The debut album from this Sacramento trio bursts forth with an untethered emotive outpouring set in a dusky deep South rural setting. Your Ghost Fits My Skin features a nice balance of boot stomp and murder balladry….The raw soulful vocal performances contrast well with the lush instrumentation (some trombone here, some musical saw there, some timpani here, various organs throughout). The overall vibe is remarkably akin to the Americana song stylings of Jason Molina and Will Oldham. Yes, they’re two very prolific songmakers whose recordings can fill a library on their own, but surely you can find a little corner in your musical heart to tuck these fellows into as well! We think you’ll be you did!”
– Aquarius Records

“One oft-overlooked though vitally important element of record making is the sequencing of the songs. At a time when the zeitgeist tends to favor albums frontloaded with immediately accessible, blog-friendly hooks, it takes an added degree of patience and restraint for a band to tell its story over the course of an entire LP. Hailing from Sacramento, the three members of Silver Darling have methodically crafted a cohesive listening experience on their first full-length album, Your Ghost Fits My Skin.”
– West Coast Performer Magazine