About Crossbill Records

Headed by former KDVS DJ and “Cool as Folk” concert presenter Michael Leahy, the label has thrived as a cooperative effort with releases from friends Tom Brosseau, Brass Bed, Matt Bauer, Jake Mann, Be Calm Honhco, The Loom, Sea of Bees, Garrett Pierce, Two Sheds, Appetite and others over the last 10+ years creating a team approach for recording, touring, and distribution.

Crossbill Records works with Burnside Distribution/The Orchard for worldwide physical and digital distribution and Riot Act Media for publicity.

The Crossbill Records logo was designed and hand drawn by Lindsay Cornelius prior to our first release in late 2005.

Read more about Leahy and the Crossbill label: “the coolest of folk” in the SNR and at Impose as Crossbill received the “Labeled” treatment.