Be Calm Honcho

San Francisco’s Be Calm Honcho Are Rolling Out Their First Full-Length of Dreamy and Toothsome Rawness – Honcho Dreams – on June 24th via Crossbill Records.

Be Calm Honcho is a quartet of sugared, salty hams, living in San Francisco with a lumpy lunch sack of strange strengths. Born on the eve of 2013, Shannon, Alex, Mikey & Jacob have been tenderly prying open the soft spots of rock ‘n’ roll and inserting a dreamy and toothsome rawness. They’ve pooled their geographic wizardry from the idle bayous of Lafayette, LA [Jacob], citrus groves and strip malls of the San Fernando Valley [Alex] and the lush Bay Area motherboard [Shannon & Mikey], and are now ramping up to the release of their first full-length album titled Honcho Dreams, which is set to be released on Crossbill Records this Summer.

In order to get the full Lifetime movie of the origins of Be Calm Honcho, one needs to whirlwind back a year or so ago when Shannon told Alex she knew how to cut a boy’s hair, so he came over for a cut and was made to wait outside while Shannon researched on the Internet how to do the thing she said she knew how to do, but did not. In exchange for the good intentioned but poorly executed cut, Alex let Shannon borrow his keyboard for a string of solo shows she was doing around Davis, CA. In time, Shannon transformed Alex into her boyfriend and the two of them moved on to San Francisco to further enjoy their love, and love for music.

Shortly after getting settled in San Fran, Alex was called upon to audition for a 7-piece rock band looking for someone who could juggle and play trombone. Naturally … he could do both. It’s at this part of the tale where Alex and Shannon meet Mikey and Jacob – who, unbeknownst to them at this time, will come to fully form what is now Be Calm Honcho.

One year into the project, BE CALM HONCHO is up to all kinds of good. A debut album out in spring 2014, a bunch of cool new outfits and polarizing opinions to propagate via video, dance & song and a pretty laid back attitude are on the menu for these kids, so eat up, this one’s on them.