Dana Falconberry

Dana Falconberry’s Though I Didn’t Call It Came, celebrates, explores, and at times laments the vast landscapes in which they are set. Touching on themes of childhood curiosity, mortality, and the aching beauty of solitude, the EP’s songs interweave the human experience with the world surrounding it. She guides her listeners down moonlit paths and sandy shores until they are standing right alongside her under the birches, wide-eyed and wondering at the eagles circling overhead.

A Michigan native, Falconberry has thrived musically in Austin, TX, hailed by the Austin Chronicle as one of the city’s “most promising singer-songwriters” and “most arresting female vocalists.” She has captivated audiences with her powerful live shows and haunting recordings, receiving acclaim far beyond the reaches of her hometown. The past few years have found her touring extensively through the US, Europe, and Japan. In 2011, she starred in the critically-lauded music documentary on the Austin music scene, Echotone, which was awarded a New York Times Critics’ Pick.

Recorded in an old church in Austin, TX, Though I Didn’t Call It Came is an energetic leap forward for Dana Falconberry. It is a prelude to a full-length release recorded during the same session, which will be released later in 2012. While her past records have emphasized the sparse and delicate, these songs are lushly orchestrated with a full six-piece band, a string quartet and harpist, rich four part harmonies, and a host of unexpected accents from torn paper to prepared piano.

“Carefully performed, beautifully arranged, this is the kind of hand-made music that’s almost a family heirloom. Woven vocal harmonies, softly plucked strings, a cracked patina voice; it’s beautiful and fascinating and something you’d like to keep to yourself rather than share around.”
Devon Léger, No Depression

“Her poetic lyrics and gentle, rich voice are perfect for a day inside, hiding from the cold and rain.”
Bust Magazine

“Dana Falconberry’s new EP Though I Didn’t Call It Came is quietly epic and ripe with wonder. The purity of her vocals and engaging presence make her live shows as captivating as a summer evening.”
Philip Majorins, PopMatters

“Falconberry, who in the past tended to keep things on the sparse side, branches out into an orchestral-folk arrangement, complimenting the high pitch that lines her voice with strings and harps.”
Mike Ayers, MTV Hive