Garrett Pierce

Garrett Pierce Bio – 2021 – Eyes Wide In The Fire

Strange premonitions.

Figures dancing around a fire, adorned in ritual masks.

Years before the California fires that took his father’s home and almost burned his own, and a decade before that, when Garrett’s obsession over myth-making rites sparked the album titled ‘All Masks’ – these images made their way into his songs.

Eyes Wide In The Fire is Garrett Pierce’s fifth album – a project penned alone over several years, but only fully realized after collaborating with producer/multi-instrumentalist Max Hart (War on Drugs, Melissa Etheridge).

The arrangements move between the intimacy of a single guitar & voice, to lush keyboards, strings, and multi-layered guitars – an homage to both his roots in the Los Angeles cafés (where he first shared his songs) as well as the Bay Area music halls where those songs found their widest audience.

With a fifteen-year career spanning five albums and several side bands, Pierce has always centered his songs around the lyrics.  Inspired equally by his father’s collection of 70’s singer-songwriters and artists like Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliot Smith and Low.

Garrett integrates confessional prose within ethereal soundscapes.

Eyes Wide.

Not shut, as in one of his favorite Kubrick Films.

but Wide Open, in the fire.

Seeing the damage, accepting it all, and using song as a catharsis; a mirror.

There’s no coincidence that the symbol of the phoenix has inspired so many literary voices, from Rumi to David Simon.

Today, more than ever before, rising from the ashes will be a universal journey.

And it could use a soundtrack.