Jake Mann + The Upper Hand Record Release Tour Dates

1/05 Crepe Place, Santa Cruz w/VOWS + Sean Smith
1/06 Crossbill Records Presents @ Delta of Venus cafe, Davis
1/07 Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara w/The Spires
1/08 Tin Can, San Diego w/The Spires + Man/Miracle
1/09 Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos w/Grand Lake + Man/Miracle
1/10 Live on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis-Phonin’ It In with Elisa Rocket
1/13 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento
1/21 Off the Air Presents: Deva Cafe, Modesto
1/22 Armadillo Records In Store, Davis
1/22 Phono Select In Store, Sacramento
1/23 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco w/Grand Lake + il Gato

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