“Jessamine” Reviews + Matt Bauer w/Alex & Dana Live on Time Out New York and Off Air

“It used to be that l could count the number of “good” indie folk acts on one hand with fingers to spare. Matt Bauer may have cemented his place among the Andrew Birds and Iron & Wines (to who he probably owes a little more than a little influence to). But while Sam Beam has gone 180 degrees from his folk sound, Bauer digs in his heels and immerses us all in it. Sophisticated and reflective, Bauer’s “Book” is excellent.”
– The Big Takeover

“We tipped you off to Matt Bauer’s talents a wee while ago, when we filmed him playing a super-intimate backyard party in Brooklyn (here). The Greenpoint-via-Kentucky folkster has a gorgeous, whispery way with a song and is likely appeal to fans of Will Oldham and Sam Beam.”
-Time Out New York

“Brilliant!” – New York Magazine

“What drew me in was Bauer’s voice, a thing so low and precise that it recalls Richard Buckner’s best work. (You might notice that “Blacklight Horses” features Jolie Holland, and she turns out to be Bauer‘s perfect foil, a high contrast to his weight). Then there are his songs, which are so odd-they are dark and beautiful, menacing and sweet; they are everything at once, and it’s an intoxicating mixture. And don’t get me started on those beautiful strings.” – Music For Robots

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