Silver Darling

Silver Darling is fueled by connection and community. Friends and family have surrounded the band from their first house show in Sacramento. The band represents the collision of three different worlds: lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, Kevin Lee is the son of a funk bass player and was raised on the likes of “Earth, Wind and Fire” and “The Jackson Five.” Joshua Ahlansberg plays the guitar that belonged to his grandfather who was a part of the traveling gospel duo “Slim and Bay,” and the bass is played by Jesse Phillips who devotes much of his musical interest to field recordings and experimental noise and punk.

The clashing of these worlds is shown when Lee’s vocals drip like molasses yet retain a fragility reminiscent of Damien Jurado’s “Waters Ave S.” Ahlansberg’s sweet yet heart wrenching guitar parts complement Lee’s lyrics of life’s unpredictable frailty and Jesse’s unclassifiable bass lines and harmonies combine to bring the perfect amount of discord to this unique ensemble.

“Your Ghost Fits My Skin” (the bands debut full-length) is a culmination of forces and life experiences that have helped create a group of beautifully powerful songs. The content of these songs may be dark, at times, but they sing and play with such passion and intensity that the listener is left with hope. The recording is an album by design–an A and B side format frame the track listing while interludes guide the listener to the next song. It’s a rare phenomenon when you get emotionally involved with a record and this record is a tough one to distance yourself from.