Walking In Sunlight


Nathan met Greg after a show at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco
where their bands Last of the Blacksmiths and Dame Satan used to play.
Dame Satan lasted a while, until it didn’t, and then Greg started playing with the Blacksmiths.

The Blacksmiths weren’t playing many folk songs in those days;
they rented a practice space full of gear one turn off San Jose Ave.
(the same ave. Matt Bauer lived on, but down a ways).
So Nathan and Greg started getting together on their own
just for a chance to play without plugging in or lugging.
A few Carter Family songs were scratched and clawed,
and Dry Bones, and the Wagoner’s Lad, and Willie Moore.

Nathan and Eva would often sing songs together at night,
and so before long Eva started singing with Walking in Sunlight, too.
This was all before little Maybelle arrived, and well before brother Lee.
Eventually Last of the Blacksmiths stopped playing too,
and Walking in Sunlight was their band.
You’ve got to play your songs someplace, in some kind of way.

And so it was for a while:
learning old songs from time to time,
writing some new ones, making a record,
never really making much of an effort to get shows
but somehow playing quite a lot of shows anyway,
nice and easy.

When Greg moved to the east coast
he found he had to cancel his usual bike rides
over to Nathan and Eva’s house on Alabama St.
But they had already started making a second record,
and for the next couple-few years –
by upload and and by download,
by screen-share and by steady care –
they finally finished it.
And then a while later they got around
to deciding to share it and called it FADES.

Sometimes Nathan or Greg makes the journey east or west,
and Walking in Sunlight learns a couple new songs.
Good pals who like to play, better with each other than without.