Appetite’s “Little While” Video Debuts

Thanks to our pals at The Bay Bridged for premiering the latest video from Appetite and hosting the Phone del Sol festival. “Little While” was one of the late additions to the record and I’m so glad it made the cut. That sing-a-long chorus “Either Love Me For the Rest of Time or a Little While” runs laps in my head after my daily listen.

Appetite “Little While” from TERROREYES.TV.

Teddy Briggs had to say this about his homemade video creation.

“I mostly filmed moments that were really fun or things I just thought were funny. I always wanted an excuse to share this footage and of course a music video for one of my songs would work. I thought “Little While” was most appropriate…not too much of a deeper artistic meaning involved here. But more of a vehicle to try and share myself and how much I love my friends. I like to brag about having the best friends in the world, but everybody with good friends thinks their friends are the best. I wouldn’t be anywhere without good friends, memories and family. Oh yeah, and a sense of humor about all this life and shit.”

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