Brass Bed release day + live videos + reviews

Brass Bed – “Please Don’t Go” Live at The Parish in Austin, TX from Makemade on Vimeo.

The day has come, Brass Bed’s “The Secret Will Keep You” is now officially released and available for purchase HERE, THERE and everywhere.

What the press is saying about the record:

“The oddly buoyant and utterly captivating album, out April 23, evokes a sad parade of broken hearts, loneliness, death, fear and even madness” NPR

“…if I wanted to pretend to be cool, I would name-drop Brass Bed while also pretending that I know things about wine by saying a certain glass tastes “peaty” and “baroque.”” VICE

“The Secret Will Keep You’s underlying theme of disappointment is anything but. And if Brass Bed keeps their songs sunny and dark and familiar and weird, they could be sharing their disillusionment for the next generation.” PASTE

“The Secret Will Keep You has been in constant rotation at my desk recently.” The New Yorker

“…it’s really fucking good.” Captain’s Dead

“…its undertones of 70’s-style countrified pop remain, but cocooned in a haze of psychedelia and sweet fuzz.” The Times-Picayune

“…a psych-kissed, organ-powered jangler with enough electricity to power your cell phone or laptop for the next 25 listens (please review your data plan before attempting).” SPIN

“Songs for a generation in limbo.” The Advocate

“I don’t know how you can have both chaos and roominess at the same time, but Brass Bed does it.” Music For Robots

“The Secret Will Keep You is a swift-moving, riverine composition of indie-rock teeming with the alluvial guitar bursts and thumping bass that are deposited along the banks of the ten songs that comprise the album.” Pop Press International

Brass Bed – “A Bullet for You” Live at The Parish in Austin, TX from Makemade on Vimeo.

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