Folk Radio U.K Debuts Garrett Pierce Songs


Thank you to Folk Radio UK for premiering These Wounds and Enough from Garrett Pierce’s “Dusk” release. Take a listen HERE.

Garrett on These Wounds:
This is one of my most stripped-down songs on the record. It’s pure nostalgia about my high-school years growing up and falling in love during the hot, arid LA summers, and the subsequent broken hearts that followed.
It’s all of those painful, beautiful memories wrapped into one statement These Wounds keep on opening and I don’t mind”. These Wounds’ was recorded like with just two microphones in my home studio.

Garrett on Enough:
This song explores the problems people face in the Tenderloin through a first-person account. I grew up with a mother with mental health and drug problems, and I was nearly homeless myself during my senior year of high school, so I’ve channeled my experiences to paint a picture of life on the streets. We recorded around forty tracks of instrumentation (with multiple tracks of keyboards and guitars) to make this song the most lush on the album.

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