Sunmonks “In a Desert of Plenty” EP out today


Congrats to Sunmonks on the EP release today. The vinyl will be unveiled at their upcoming shows.

“In a Desert of Plenty may be Sunkmonks’ first collection of released songs, but it certainly cannot be their last. This four-pieces conjures complex musical arrangements that could very easily collapse in a heap at their feet, and yet their EP is comfortable and confident. – In Your Speakers

“The distractions and diversions from the material obsessed realm fade into the percussive metrics, further underscored by the call and response relationship between the brass and bass.” – Impose

A unique mixture of R&B, soul, and ’70s pop, songwriters Alexandra Steele and Geoffrey CK have created a deeply personal introduction to their sound on “In a Desert of Plenty,” soon to be followed by their debut full-length out next year. Geoffrey CK discussed the creation of the EP in a recent interview with Impose Magazine:

“Because Sunmonks is the lovechild of Alexandra and I, the material we release under that title has to come from a deeply sacred place. All these songs start their lives with Alexandra and I finding a quiet, private place to spend an extended period of time. I sit down with a piano or guitar and start to construct melodies or cadences that I find exciting or invigorating. Then I start to improvise vocalizations in an attempt to create or discover syllabic or percussive details within the music.”

C.K also went on to explain why Sacramento is such a great place for music, “There’s is such a diverse and dynamic group of musicians in Sacramento, if you know where to look, you can spend every night of your life witnessing amazing stage performances.”

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