West Nile Ramblers to release “Western Garage and Country Noir” on Crossbill + Tour Ireland!

Two of my oldest friends in the music making world are Alex Roth and Andy Lentz. Alex and Andy along with Danny Chavez and Tim Delaney formed the influential and superbly talented Mad Cow String Band back in 200sumthin. Mad Cow played every week at the Delta of Venus in Davis, where I would go and witness the revelry. Alex and Andy were major players in the Davis music scene and helped to inspire the formation of Crossbill Records. It is with great excitement that I announce that we will be working together once again on their latest endeavor, The West Nile Ramblers.

The West Nile Ramblers will be releasing their new record in late 2012. The record is a tip of the cap to the vinyl productions of days gone by, the double-sided album features both studio recordings and bluegrass style live tracks–taped in a cabin in Lake Tahoe. Strains of country, traditional, folk and funk are expertly handled in the songwriting and musicianship of Roth and Lentz, and by their stellar cast of accompanying players including Bart van der Zeeuw (formerly of K’s Choice), Katie Weed of Old Man Markley, and Cooper McBean of The Devil Makes Three.

I’m very excited to be working with the boys once again. More information soon!

Until then the guys are storming Ireland with their unique brand of “western garage and country noir” along with The Souterrain. Check the dates below.

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