Garrett Pierce – “A World On Fire” video, directed by Travis White

Garrett Pierce on ‘A World on Fire’

“I penned ‘A World On Fire’ as I was expecting my first child. At the time, I was filled with a lot of anxiety toward bringing a child into the world, and these lyrics were an exploration of those emotions, and all of the joy and concern that comes with fatherhood. Little did I know that months later, an actual forest fire would devastate my town, and nearly burn my neighborhood in Sonoma, CA.  And years after that, a separate fire would burn down my father’s home during a global pandemic.

“‘A World On Fire’ was meant to be a tender and earnest lullaby of sorts, but after recent years, has taken on a new meaning.”

The video is directed by Travis White (who has worked for the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, SF and is an independent cinematographer) and is inspired by the young children who have endured the pain of recent times.

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