Garrett Pierce – All Masks

Garrett Pierce - All Masks

  • 1. Your Feet In Wet Cement
  • 2. Running From The Face
  • 3. When All We Knew Was No
  • 4. Tonight
  • 5. Mud Under My Feet
  • 6. Adam
  • 7. And The Ghosts Boarded Trains
  • 8. All Through The Night
  • 9. Can I Stop Breathing?
  • 10. Lioness & Lion
  • 11. When You Sail


“Cherish the singer-songwriter who knows how to hang when things get dirty. Garrett Pierce writes slow, somber acoustic ballads that are more beautiful than most, but that’s not all he does. Grittier rock numbers such as “Lioness & Lion,” “Tonight,” and “Old Country” show that Pierce can wield a cranked amp with the same deft touch as an acoustic — and that he can squeeze longing out of a dragging rock tempo.” – SF Weekly

“Another great singer/songwriter from San Francisco. Powerful with a light touch, Garrett will rip your heart out one moment and have you dancing the next.” – Tony DuShane, SF Gate