Appetite – Scattered Smothered Covered

Appetite - Scattered Smothered Covered

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  • 1. Warn Me, Right
  • 2. Molecules
  • 3. Tussy
  • 4. Merry Anne
  • 5. Joining the Team
  • 6. Little While
  • 7. Blunderground
  • 8. Franchise
  • 9. X-File
  • 10. Over Food

“Scattered” Press:
“Californian oddball Teddy Briggs crafts quirky tunes that are part surrealist poetry and part vocal acid trip. His sense of rhythm is refreshing, counter-balancing beat with lyric, crafting challenging tempos and melodies.” – YVYNYL

“Appetite, a Sacramento-based project helmed by multi-instrumentalist (and former Rooney drummer) Teddy Briggs, is a one-man act that owes more to Animal Collective than the recent crop of S.F. lo-fi. “Tussy” shows Briggs to be quite the wordsmith, with an MC’s dexterous delivery and overstuffed rhyme schemes that take multiple listens to unpack.” – Refinery 29

“Appetite’s Scattered Smothered Covered is really fucking good apartment pop, grabbing a little from They Might Be Giants, a little from Smoking Popes, and a little from what you can only get from incessantly listening to music for years and years until the music you love is stored in your veins and just pours out when you write. This record works in headphones or blasting through speakers.” – Loud Loop Press

“Appetite is a weirdo-pop outfit concerned with waging little wars on food. The record is called Scattered Smothered Covered and it’s produced by Robby Moncrief, the man behind the latest Ganglians album.”
– Impose Magazine