Sea Of Bees – Gnomes EP

Sea Of Bees - Gnomes EP

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  • 1. Gnomes (album version)
  • 2. Gnomes (Tuung Remix)
  • 3. Don’t Fear The Reaper (feat. Neal Casal)
  • 4. With Or Without You

Gnomes EP Press:
“Sea of Bees, “Gnomes” b/w “Don’t Fear the Reaper”: I really don’t understand why Sea of Bees isn’t hugely popular in indiedom right now. Charming voice, irresistible songs, huge choruses — just miles and miles of charm. The draw here is the B-side, which includes covers of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (one of the best and creepiest pop songs ever written) and “With or Without You.” Consider this the first flirtation before your overdue Sea of Bees love affair. RECOMMENDED”

“When we first heard Sea Of Bees, we assigned them to the highest order of freak folk, as their sound was one of mating alien birds and interstellar explosions. With this Tunng remix of “Gnomes,” we see Julie Ann Bee has fallen to earth, landing hard on the other, more human end of the psychedelic scale. Her beautiful strangeness is no less understandable—it’s simply primal where it once rang celestial. Add Far East guitars, chopped beats, harping keyboards and a wall of feedback, and you’ve got a lost-in-the-woods tweaker that’ll haunt you for days.”

“With Gnomes comes one of the most mesmerizing renditions of “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” that one could do with acoustic guitars and saddened, silky layers of vocals. Also covering “With or Without You,” by U2, ends the quad-track teaser, in a way that teaches the art of song covering in a proper fashion: make their song your own.”
-SSG Music